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Why do we speak the way we do? How do we use language to project our identity or to perceive the identity of others? Which linguistic resources do we draw on to mark and defend social group boundaries, or negotiate or question them? What is the range of social actions that we can accomplish through language in our daily interactions?

Languaged Life seeks to answer these and other questions at the intersection of language and society, putting language center stage.

This blog is intended as both a repository and a forum for the dissemination and discussion of student research projects completed as part of UCLA Linguistics classes “Language and Identity”, “Introduction to Sociolinguistics” and “Language and Gender” taught by Dr. Daria Bahtina. These projects are a product of students’ ten-week journey through different approaches, methods, and forms of evidence found in the study of language and society. Key topics range from gender to power dynamics, from individual multilingualism to language ideologies in the media, from the micro-analysis of ordinary interactions to the performative nature of social identity. A common thread running through these explorations is the aim to identify social processes that shape and are shaped by distinctive ways of using language.

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