Okay So…Vloggers You Know?

James Beasley, Mahta Marefat, Betsy Wo

The present article focuses on identifying how YouTube content creators shape their material and influence viewers’ language through storytelling. The evident popularity of YouTube among younger generations leads to the hypothesis that linguistic variants displayed by content creators subtly influence the conversation styles of young adults. This study was designed to gauge the correlations between YouTube viewing, storytelling frequency and variant usage among young generations through survey responses. The survey sample consisted entirely of UCLA students, who indicated high amounts of YouTube viewing and storytelling. Additionally, respondent data showed that many linguistic variants used by vloggers are also commonly used by respondents. Previous research on the impact and practices of vloggers also align with our results. The takeaways from our results suggest that the prevalence of YouTube viewing and personal storytelling among respondents are similar. Furthermore, the linguistic variants used by respondents match those used by YouTube vloggers, implying a subtle influence of vlogger language practices on viewer variant usage.

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