Different Ways that Male and Female Streamers Behave on Valorant Streams

Kevin Kim, Kota Tsukamoto, Guorang Zhang, Cindy Zheng

For our experiment, we analyzed Twitch streamers playing Valorant. Twitch, or Twitch.TV, is an online streaming platform popular among gamers. Valorant is a popular first-person shooter (FPS) game created by Riot Games in 2020. Valorant, as of 2021, has an estimated 12 million players, peaking at 15 million in July (Dexerto 2021). The game has a diverse range of players in various regions of the world. Contrary to other FPS games that are very heavily male-dominated, Riot Games has made an effort to increase the number of women in Valorant, resulting in 30-40% of Valorant players being women (VentureBeat 2021). Furthermore, Riot Games has even implemented an all females league as well as pro esports teams such as Cloud9 (known as C9 White) who recruited women for their Valorant teams earlier this year (PC Gamer 2021).

The experiment examined both male and female streamers to compare their vocabulary choices- while the study can incorporate more genders than just male and female, due to the demographic of streamers being mostly male or female, as well as time constraints, we only focused on those two genders.

One particular feature that we analyzed was the amount of provocative language that is done by streamers. The usage of swearing from male or female streamers was recorded in particular situations such as dying, insulting, and having disagreements with another player. We were aware of language most commonly used by gamers such as frags, ace, bait, boosted, clutch, flank, etc that could be more commonly used by one gender than the other (Çakır 2021).

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