Differences In Sociolinguistics Among Genders In College

Kevin Adelpour, Shaylee Omrani, Ronnen Mizrahi,  Justin Azizian

Studies in sociolinguistics have revealed that there are many ways in which the relationship between language and gender varies, including the relationship between politeness and language style. Without looking deeper into the facts, members of society can draw the conclusion that it is more common for masculine people to express their affection by including their friends in activities and exchanging favors. The way that men often interact is shoulder to shoulder (such as watching television together or playing sports). Women, on the other hand, are more prone to convey weakness and vulnerability. An instance of this is how women cry to one another and confide in their feelings. We are aware of these aspects but rarely completely comprehend their importance or significance. Understanding the rationales underlying these common elements can help us better comprehend the social environment in which we live, while ultimately improving and enhancing our communications with speaking to others in everyday social interactions.

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