Bridging Bytes and Cultures: The Impact of AI on Linguistic and Cultural Nuances in Online Conversations

Ley’ah Mcclain-Perez and Ivan Pantoja Tinoco

The digital era is marked by the ascension of artificial intelligence. In particular, this presentation will delve into the transformative influence of ChatGPT on the online communication landscape, particularly within the microcosm of X. This AI-driven tool created by OpenAI not only redefines user interactions but also molds the linguistic contours of digital discourse. Our inquiry is rooted in a critical analysis of ChatGPT’s integration into social platforms, assessing its impact on the quality of communication, user perceptions, attitudes, and the ensuing ethical dilemmas.

Our research navigates through the multifaceted ramifications of ChatGPT, exploring its syntactic coherence and semantic relevance, alongside its occasional pitfalls that may lead to misinterpretations. It highlights the diverse demographic engaging on X, using ChatGPT for various purposes ranging from casual interaction to more substantial exchanges, thus painting a broad spectrum of digital human-AI interaction.

This exploration is not merely an academic exercise but a pivotal discourse that contributes to understanding the nuanced dynamics of digital communication in the AI era. It poses critical questions about the future of online interactions, the role of AI in shaping public discourse, and the ethical boundaries of AI integration into social platforms.

Figure 1: Demographics showing the potential of AI in the case of ChatGPT
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